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Shalom Members of Congregation Beth Am:


Our congregation continues to survive after two years of a very difficult pandemic that upended society in many ways. We’ve been able to persevere due to the efforts and gifts from many of our members – thank you to everyone who has helped in ways both large and small.


Despite many challenges on the horizon, CBA continues to be well positioned to thrive:

  • Various federal government grants and tax rebate programs have enabled us to plug the gaps in our budget for the last two years – and we currently have over $50,000 in unrestricted funds available

  • We have strong oversight to ensure that funds are spent only on items that make a difference to our members – currently over 75% of our budget is in compensation to our clergy and staff

  • We continue to have new members joining us all the time

  • We have dedicated members who believe that CBA is a place of true community, learning, and discovery – and who are committed to helping to fund that vision


As we enter FY 2023, however, we are currently projecting a budget deficit of over $60,000. Without your support, the Board will need to consider substantial changes to the synagogue’s expense structure.


Congregation Beth Am has always been a welcoming, inclusive place where ability to pay dues is never considered for membership. We have an extremely generous reduced dues program; furthermore, we have not raised dues in the last 5 years.


But now, more than ever, we need your help! We need ALL OF OUR MEMBERS to contribute what they can to help us meet our financial obligations to the staff and clergy – the people – who help make Congregation Beth Am what it is.


To further encourage your participation, we have a $5,000 challenge grant from an Anonymous donor! If we can reach 80% participation by our membership, this donor will provide $5,000 in funds. Historically our participation rate has been approximately 60% so this is achievable if everyone can give – even those who might be on a reduced dues program. In this case, every little bit really does help!


 Please, consider Congregation Beth Am’s place in your hearts and give generously.




Michael Gamson

President, Congregation Beth Am


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