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our calendar here.

“Let them build Me a Sanctuary, so that I may dwell among them.” – Exodus 25:8


Prayer is the attempt to come closer to God by coming together as a community. We build a sanctuary – not a physical space, but a spiritual one in the hopes that God will join us, and together we’ll create a sense of kedushah, or holiness.


As Jews have through the ages, we worship through music, prayers, teachings, and silence.


All of our services are open to everyone. We strive to make children welcome at every service, and also to ensure that our members are able to pray in a warm, spiritual environment. Those who have no experience with prayer, or with Judaism, are always welcome as well. Feel free to ask the Rabbi any questions you might have, before or after the service.

Friday Evening Services


Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday Night services are our largest communal time – the greatest number of our congregants come together each week to welcome in Shabbat. Services are held at 7:00 PM

Tot Shabbat

Once a month (usually on the 1st Friday), we hold special services for our littlest members – aged 0-7 (although older kids are always welcome). We welcome in Shabbat with a lot of music, a few prayers and a fun story. It’s the perfect way to get your kids used to celebrating Shabbat, and to meet other families. And, a delicious Oneg Shabbat afterwards is a great way to help your kids learn to love Shabbat!

Kavannah Shabbat

A few times a year, we hold a Kavannah Shabbat; “Kavannah” means “intention,” but it often refers to the spirit and energy that we bring to our prayers. This service is a more intensive, spiritually focussed service which includes niggunim (wordless melodies), chanting and silence, along with our prayers. The chance to focus on our prayers and inner lives, is a welcome change for many.

Saturday Morning Services

8:30 am - Shabbat Morning Meditation with Rabbi Rosenberg


9:00 am - Shabbat Services


10:00 am - Torah Study

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