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Men's Club

We are the men of Congregation Beth Am. The group’s purpose is to provide opportunities for Fellowship, Spirituality, Support, and Service to the men of this congregation. 


What We Do 


Fellowship/Spirituality – Fellowship events have included Sunday breakfasts, bowling, outings to baseball, hockey, and football games, the annual JCC softball tournament, guest speakers, and game nights. We help sponsor Café’ Shabbat (Beth Am’s award-winning monthly Saturday morning program) sponsor special programs with the Rabbi and are given the privilege of coordinating an annual Men’s Club Friday Night Shabbat service every year. We often coordinate with Sisterhood on events.


Support – Beth Am Men, through our dues and various fundraising projects, donates money to support the Congregation.  This includes donations to Beth Am Hebrew School scholarship fund, the general fund, memorial donations, and special projects.   


Service – Beth Am Men are often called upon to assist in various projects including, erecting and tearing down the Sukkah each year, manning games and providing snacks at the Purim Carnival, assisting with major Beth Am fundraising events, the Annual Latke Bash for Hebrew school students, monthly hot dog sales that raise money for the Hebrew School Scholarship fund and various other funds, Indoor and Outdoor maintenance projects with the Beth Am House Committee.













Men's Club Participated in the annual Summer Cleanup



Gastronomic Activity – In 2018, we began a Men’s Club Gastronomic Society (Txoko - see below). You must be a member of Men’s Club to participate.


 If you would like to join us, please sign up or send an email to one of the Beth Am Men’s Club officers listed below.   


Txoko (subgroup of the Men's club)

Our objective is to promote and cultivate Jewish brotherhood, spirituality, and camaraderie through the preparation and sharing of Jewish Cuisine, with fine drink (beer/wine), and conversation. While a goal remains to learn and share Jewish recipes and techniques, the Txoko also recognizes the Beth Am Men’s club and Congregation Beth Am of Tampa in its entirety with a long term goal of also preparing dishes for specific events and fundraisers. The Txoko is an extension of Congregation Beth Am Men's Club, and requires membership to both the Men's Club and the Txoko to participate.

The Txoko (CHOH-koh or TZYOH-koh) concept is based on a tradition in the Basque area of Northern Spain. It started out as culinary clubs where the men of the village would get together and share their passion for cooking, learning, and sharing recipes as part of the slow-food movement. It also usually involved local ciders, wines, and beers. We have brought this tradition to the Congregation Beth Am Men’s Club with the focus of Jewish Culture and the Cuisines of the Jewish diaspora. 

Even the word Txoko, which is Basque for “Corner Market”, came from the Judeo-Arabic root word for covered area (Zoco, Zouk, Shouk, Sukkah) with roots back to the Spanish and Judeo-Arabic speaking Jews who were the traders and money lenders in the Basque region of Spain during that time! 

Basic Rules

Only the Men of the Txoko (those who are paid up on Men’s Club Fees, Txoko Fees, and RSVP’d) can be in the Kitchen during the event.
No Politics!
No Grouchiness!
No Kvetching!

Yes to enjoying Great Food, Great Drink, and Great Company!
Yes to be willing to get in the kitchen and cook! (even if you don’t cook well!!)
Yes to dig deeper into the variety of Jewish cuisine and traditions (Kosher-style kitchen)!


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